Athens Concert Hall

After the auction conducted by the Athens Concert Hall, were we selected as Technical Project Managers (TPM) along with two other companies and signed a relevant private agreement. Our task was to supervise the studies, performed the public contests for the construction at first of the main building of the Athens Concert Hall and secondly for the extension of it. Furthermore, we supervised the construction, searched and acquired the necessary funds from the 2nd and the 3rd Community Support Framework (CSF). We managed to deliver the first building to the owner and rightful user of the building and we are in the completion phase of the extension of the second building which was completed by the end of 2009. The total volume of the two constructed buildings is moreover around 850.000m³ and had an amounted cost of construction which exceeded 350,000.000€. The main building was constructed on a ground ceded to the Friends of Music by the Greek State and the second ground, after the expropriation of the Officers House Block. Both of the two buildings consist of two large Halls. The Hall of the Friends of Music (now called Christos Labrakis Hall) for the first building with a capacity of 1940 spectators and for the second building the Alexandra Triantis Hall with a capacity of 1750 spectators. The Athens Music Hall also consists of two smaller Halls each one having a capacity of about 500 spectators, as well as a library, Office blocks, a foyer, a conference center, a banquet Hall etc. The complex is temporarily housing the Museum of Modern Arts until the completion of the old building founded on Syggrou Avenue.

National Gallery

Before conducting the exhibition "From El Greco to Cezanne" was the electromechanical and building infrastructure of the National Gallery in a substandard condition. Due to a high risk from the perspective of American Museums not to deliver the art collection, if the situation wouldn't radically change, we were urgently contacted and assigned of the project. Within a 40 days period were we able to transform and modernize the facilities of the building leading the National Gallery to its first major success with an attendance of 650,000 visitors. Since then we have remained and still remain at the National Gallery having helped in the meantime for the successful presentations of 65 exhibitions. After the inauguration of the National Sculpture Gallery at the Goudi Military Park, in two exemplary old buildings, in 2004 with the occasion of the Olympic Games, our company took over the maintenance of the electrical and the mechanical installations.

Foundation of Thracian Art and Tradition

In 1996 we were assigned by the Foundation of Thracian Art and Tradition for the procedures to convert an old tobacco warehouse in Xanthi into a building for the Thracian Traditional and Modern Arts Institute. The building has an approximate 700 m² surface and is bestowed to the Foundation, President of which is Mrs. Virginia Tsouderos, by the Greek Anti-Cancer Society. The costs of the conversion and the equipment was amounted to 650.000€, funds which have been disbursed, by our actions from the Interreg II program. Furthermore, the municipality of Xanthi granted the Foundation the largest Balkanic Tobacco Warehouse to create a Cultural Centre with a budget of 10.000.000 € and a volume of 5.500m². Again at this project our company provides support as Technical Managers. For the project the building permit has been issued after the approval of the blueprints by the Ministry Of Culture and got part of it constructed and funded by the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace through the 3d Community Support Framework (Budget: 1.750.000€). The municipality of Komotini also bestowed to the foundation the building of the old slaughterhouse of the city, a building built in 1934 which is to be converted into a Cultural center and a Basket knitting Museum. In Xanthi was also bestowed a third tobacco warehouse, with a total volume of 1450m², which is to be operated as a 3D Movie Projection Centre, parallel with musical studies and theatre labs. For the project the building permit has been issued after the approval of the blueprints by the Ministry Of Culture.


The HypoVereinsbank, former Bayerische Vereinsbank, now Unicredito, is the second largest bank of Germany. In 1991 the company bought a building in Kolonaki at Irakleitou 7 and redeveloped it to host it's premises for their central branch in Greece. Our company got in charge for the Technical Division of the Project and for any other changes, which became necessary after the completion of it. The building area is 1.600 m², and it includes office spaces, a trading floor, a vault, a computer center and a dealing room.