Company Profile

The company “G. Georgiou – G. Bakalbassis” began its activities in the manufacturing sector and the study of construction in 1951. Because of its rapid evolution in the first decade of its operation it was found necessary to convert the company to a Public Limited Company (P.L.C) in February 1962.

Along with the great activity it developed in the air conditioning industry as Westinghouse’s representative in the Greek market, it constructed many buildings and complex electrical installations. The company dealt with the construction of private and public projects, as well as with the special construction of the largest banks operating in Greece.

The ability of the company’s associates to handle fluently all major languages of the EU and their long-term residence and employment in countries of Western Europe and the U.S., provide the coupling quality requirements which are needed there, with the conditions and the peculiarities inherent which the Greek market presents. Its’ staff consists, besides the qualified engineers and technicians, of lawyers and economists who cover all the needed requirements for even the most complex projects.

Since 1986, the company's interests have focused on project management, administration of large technical projects, with the most modern methods. It has participated, among other things, in the Technical Manager consortium for the construction of the Concert Hall of Athens, the reformation of the National Gallery, the construction of the head offices of Bayerische Vereinsbank in Kolonaki and the receipt of specialized electrical installations of the Solar Village in Likovrisi, without stopping the initial technical operations.

Since 1996 it cooperates closely with the Foundation of Thracian Art and Tradition, president of which is Mrs. Virginia Tsouderou, former Deputy Foreign Minister.

Company’s project was to convert a tobacco warehouse in Xanthi into a Thracian Traditional and Modern Arts School, while at the time being it manages the conversion of the largest tobacco warehouse in the Balkans area located in Xanthi, on behalf of the above mentioned institute.



Company Balance Sheet for 2014